Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Secret Fear of All Introverts

A friend of mine has this book titled, The Introvert Advantage.  I've never read it, but the book description says: "Introverts are thoughtful, imaginative, tend to work independently and think outside the box. Introverts are keen observers and sensitive listeners. Introverts prefer to be involved intimately with one person and are often drawn to life’s spiritual side. Introverts are not antisocial, shy, or aloof."  I've been blessed to have a couple other introverts in my life.  Sometimes hard to figure out, but always come through when you want a great conversation over coffee, they are some very cool people.  

There was a couple of us that had fun creating an ITJ group (one was an N, the other two of us were S) to chat about, well, stuff introverts think about.  In response to one such conversation, this comic was made.  

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