Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Idea/Bad Idea #1

A group of friends and I gathered together in San Clemente, CA for a week vacation.  We camped out on the beach, but one of our activities took us to the mountains.  Luckily in California these two things are not far from each other.  We went from the beach to Big Bear Mt in about 3 hours.  Yes, a lovely day of snow boarding lay ahead of us.  On the way up the mountain I was driving the Escape (pronounced Eh - sca - pay during the trip).  The rest of the group was enjoying the scenery.  Two of them felt the need to stick their torsos out the window and wave at each other from opposite sides of the car.  And one of them kept insisting that I should veer off the road so that we would all die in a mass suicide and go to heaven.  I think the altitude was getting to her.  Well, it inspired this comic.  

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