Wednesday, October 7, 2009


There are typically a lot of places to get tattoos in my town.  This theory apparently fails at 11pm on a Sunday.  A friend came to visit and one of the activities on the itinerary was going to get tattoos.  This was my first tattoo, so I was already a bit nervous.  We waited for about an hour for our turn.  As we left we both commented on how they didn't make us sign any liability paperwork.  It was henceforth known as the shady tattoo parlor.

For some strange reason I went back to this same place for my second tattoo over a year later.  One of the friends I went with refused to touch anything in the place.  We waited for about five minutes and no one even came to the front to see what we needed.  This was taken as a sign to not get our tattoos at this place.  Turned out to be a good decision, because I ended up going to a really good tattoo artist about two months later and I'm really happy with his work.

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