Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Pool Analogy

If you asked any of my friends they will confirm that I love analogies.  They are awesome.  I can usually come up with one for most situations.  I think this is because I'm such a visual person that I need the help to understand sometimes.  At some point I was trying to explain the difference between a friend and I.  With our mutual friends she seemed to always have these deep conversations, while I was known more for my "lighter" conversations.  Even when I get into deep conversations, at some point during the conversation I would make a joke to lighten the mood.  This analogy came to be referred to as the "pool analogy."  Conversations were either deep end or shallow end.

Typically the 'deep end' conversations were about emotions and feelings.  I'm not too great at those, so I would, metaphorically, bring a pool noodle with me incase things got too serious.  It was later discussed that my preferred 'deep end' conversations had to do with topics like religion and philosophy.  The pool now had two deep ends to it.  I didn't say my analogies were always simple, but they work for me.  Here's comic a friend wrote to draw humor to this phenomenon.

One time I did have a friend who was feeling really depressed.  A mutual friend called me and requested I go check on her.  Great, what was I going to do?  In a moment of genius I decided to take my dog with me.  Animals are supposed to be great at soothing people.  I figured even if I couldn't do anything, at least my dog could help out.  

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